#202 Throat Singing Kargyraa and Overtone Singing with Giovanni Bortoluzzi

Season #3

Special Kargyraa and overtone singing lessons by Giovanni B. Bortoluzzi

Giovanni B. Bortoluzzi was born in Italy in 1987. He began his musical journey in 2006, by learning to play drums, bass and guitar with local blues bands. Shortly after, he started being attracted by the sound of the harmonic overtones. Since 2013 he's been studying and researching in the field of overtone singing, with particular dedication to the Tuvan styles and melodies. In 2015 he created the Method4L, a didactical tool designed for improving the control of the overtones in the human voice. In 2017 he moved in Sardinia to learn the tradition of Cantu a Tenore, also known as Sardinian Throat Singing: during these years, he joined a research team that analyzed the movements inside of his larynx, using laryngostroboscopy and real-time MRI. This research focused on the western overtone singing techniques, with a special analysis on the Tuvan style “ezengileer”. It has been presented in Kracow in 2019, and then published in 2020 on TheJournalOfVoice.

Nowadays, he's a very popular overtone singing performer, especially for the Tuvan style “Kargyraa”, and also one of the most requested teachers not only in Italy, but also abroad.





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