#83 Raise Your Standards to Improve your English pronunciation

Season #3


*英語環境で働いている人に向けた実践的な内容で、上級者がさらに上に行くためのポイントをまとめています。初級者、中級者向けではありません。英語を趣味で学んでいる方にもおすすめしませんのでご了承ください。英語発音で困っていて、真剣に状況を変えたいと思っている方のみが対象です。Make sure that you are an advanced English learner who is serious about learning English pronunciation. This is NOT for beginners or intermediate learners. This is NOT for Japanese speakers who are learning English as a hobby. If you do not think pronunciation is important, this is NOT for you.


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Hey, guys! It’s Aiko Hemingway with Schwagirl. I am an American English pronunciation coach and business coach based in Hawaii, USA. I came to the US from Japan when I was 23 years old, and I did not speak English well and had a hard time in the US communicating with native English speakers. I realized how important pronunciation basics were in my 6th year in the US, and I took accent reduction lessons, learned linguistics, phonetics and intonation study at UCLA, and took singing lessons in order to improve my English. Now I help Japanese speakers, who are in an American English environment, improve their English pronunciation effectively. 50% of my clients are English coaches, English pronunciation coaches, English teachers, and educators.
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